16. Meteorea, Greece – Monasteries, Meteors and Masters

January 26, 2015

Meteorea is such a surprise packet ! Welcome on my visit to see these Monasteries in the sky! ūüôā ¬†¬†

Meteorea is a quaint small town at the base of huge megalithic bulbous mountain boulders, with a number of monasteries perches on the cliff tops above.

It¬†looks like it’s¬†out of a James Bond movie!

Where does it’s name come from?¬† I was told by the Ascended Masters that the Meteorea monolithic boulders came¬†from meteors that crashed into the Earth an eon ago. They bring¬†their asteroid cosmic frequency energy into the¬†Earth’s energy field, anchoring that frequency here.

It is a beautiful reminder we are part of the Cosmos, not seperate, which it is so easy to fall into thinking as we only see the stars at night to remind us, and remind us to work staying connected to the Universal energies.

Why are monasteries established here?
 Well apart from the seclusion and safety they offer, these monoliths carry a high asteroid cosmic frequency and enables its residents, whether monks or not, to receive this energy, making these people a little different to the rest of us, in the resonance they put out.  The Christian Churches and other religions have been perfectly aware that the Earth has energy power-points and made a point of building their churches on these power nodes.  Muslims, Christians and Jews have all built their mosque right on top of Solomons Temple in Jerusalem, and that is a well-known powerful energy vortex spot.

How do you benefit from Earth’s high energy power nodes? When your frequency is high and you are committed to the practice of spirit devotion it will offer you the opportunity of speeding up your soul’s evolution, if the correct and impeccable intent of the practice is maintained.

When you are on you’re spiritual path and doing the prayer, meditation, chanting and shadow self observation/releasing work, and¬†actively asking for assistance from the Ascended Masters, ArchAngels and Angels and absorbing the Earth’s high vibration and¬†absorbing the higher cosmic frequencies coming in from the Galaxy, through conscious intended connection and meditation, then this is creating a very powerful environment¬†of accelerated soul growth. ¬†This may sound a lot to manage to do, but people do it, and they are determined and committed, and they reap the benefits from their diligence.

I’m not sure if the Greek Orthodocs monasteries here (or any institutionalised religion) has managed to pull off doing all this combination, however, the high frequency that can be tapped into here via non-egoic meditation and shadow-self identification and releasing it, does create a more optimal environment to be¬†in.

Why all the artwork?  The artwork in the monasteries is ornate and prolific Рcovering every available piece of wall inside the church.  This image, above, is from inside a monks (male only) monastery, and is purely decoratively,  However, the monks and nuns could call in the Presence of these Ascended Masters, Saints and Angels and their energy, using the artwork as a reminder to ASK them to fill the space with their high energy and communicate with them, meditate with their energy and receive assistance in purifying their energy fields and receiving guidance on their spiritual path.

The Power of Prayer, Meditation, Chanting and Self-Observation РThe monks are in continuous prayer, meditation and chanting of holy words and mantras.  There is even a picture of an Ascended Master in the pulley room, where food stores are winched up!  A constant reminder in their current practice. The constancy helps keeping up their human energy field purification and helps release negative lower behaviours (esp if observed in the moment), patterns and beliefs.

Then they can let these go, as they realise how useless they are to them.  Though they could power it right is they asked for assistance from the Ascended Masters, Angels and great ones fro the Higher Heavenly Realms.  This unrelenting process ensures continuously uplifting the speed of their personal vibration into the Joy and Love for All level of feelings; intending to reach the stage of enlightenment as of these Ascended Masters shown in this artwork.  Everyone can attain this if you make that decision and exercise your Will to stick with the process.

Now I’m hot-footing it around to the Nunnery – the Holy Monastery of St Stephen and it’s literally perched on top of a boulder pinnacle!

And yep there’s a road to the front gate. ¬†Meteorea is¬†so unique!

Noticing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy –¬†When I arrive at the Nunnery, that is when I notice the profound difference between the two Monasteries – all male vs all female. ¬†The energy difference is astounding and very noticeable; if you’ve turned on your noticing skills you can’t help become aware of it.

The all male monastery has a much stronger, heavier energy feeling; almost harsh; whereas the Nunnery of all female energy is so soft, so nurturing I’m almost floating in it, particularly after being in the heavier masculine energy which highlights the difference. ¬†This experience really heightened my sense of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as a feeling energy.

Naturally the Nunnery also has a prolific amount of ornate artwork, as associated with the Christian Orthodox religion. ¬†I’m loving being surrounded by Ascended Masters, Saints and a host of Angels! ¬†I love here they honour these highly evolved beings of Light so much.

Of course, these beings are easily identified by their golden aura, or golden energy field that surrounds them, indicating their purified energy field free from slower negative feelings and thoughts and paving the way for their unique abilities to shine, such as Jesus’s ability to walk on water and heal people of their illnesses by just a touch.

This part of our beautiful world is a fantastic place to visit – highly recommended !

I’m feeling my next post will be about the Sufi Whirling Dervishes. ¬†So if your interest is spiked to know more about what on Earth is a Whirling Dervish, then stay tuned and watch this space!!
May Joy, Love and Light Illuminate your life.


Date visited:  30-31 May 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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