17. Denmark, Western Australia – diverse beauty

February 5, 2015


Denmark, coastal-country Western Australia – I’m on a short driving tour from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, down to the southern corner of the state passing through Denmark and Albany – two coastal towns and last stop before Antartica! A two oceans trip – swimming in both the Indian Ocean and the Great Southern Ocean, and very different they were!

Significance of Standing Stones – These standing stones were, for me, the highlight of this trip! Wow, they held me mesmerised with their unusual shape and their purpose.

These pyramidical naturally shaped boulders are receiving high levels of high frequency energy from the universe.  This area is overnighted by Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, and so is very connected to this area and what is happening with the land.

Interestingly there are no buildings that have ended up being built near these stones, as is what tends to happen.

Read more below!

Driving down Albany Road shows classic Australian outback country – sand, and rich red dirt, together with the soaring summer temperatures.  Many farm paddocks have been harvested and I am amazed at the shimmering gold colour they carry – looking like liquid gold.  Soaking in that Gold colour!:)

Denmark is the cutest small town on the most southern coastline of the Western Australian state.  It is really beautiful and has a lovely high vibration.  According to Claire East, author of a number of books on the Ascended Masters who visit her, Sanat Kumara overllights this area of land, and you can feel it; feeling so carefree, light-filled and in tune with All; can you believe the poscode is 6333, 333 being associated with Ascended Masters!.

Denmark sits on the shore of an inlet and surrounded by national park and such beautiful beaches, plus there’s energy healers and a few unexpected interesting shops in the small town, plus organic farms and wineries around.  The Denmark Berry Farm is set in lovely countryside, and you can bring your family to pick berries and they make the best berry ice creams!  Those raspberries are out of this world – the best I’ve tasted – raspberry bombs in your mouth, lol! 🙂

The best part is Green Pool – a simply gorgeous beach enclosed by massive boulders that make a shallow waveless pool and completely safe from sharks – this is Great White Shark territory!

The energy vibration in this area is incredible.  And people flock here.  And check out this colour of the water – pristine aqua blue (I’m very partial to that colour as I was born on that colour energy ray!), through to deep blue.  Love it!  🙂

These pristine waters set in a raw energy environment of powder white sand, windswept tundra, sandy cliffs and these massive boulders in this high vibration make a brilliant place to chill and soak in the vibrations!  The kids love it!

My key observations are:

1.  the high vibration thanks to our beloved Ascended Master Sanat Kumara;
2.  the sea water here – it is much less salty than usual.  I am tuning in to that due to global temperature warming and the pole icecaps dramatically melting that the salinity of the seawater has dropped and now contains a huge quantity of fresh water.  Why is this of significance?  Crystals are able to hold and emit a set frequency.  Anyone who works with crystals know this and knows that until the crystal’s frequency is cleansed it will hold that information vibration.  The ice crystals of our Earth’s pole caps and glaciers have held the frequency of the last galactic cycle, and now with The Shift to the new Galactic Cycle and new frequencies coming in, the pole caps are now melting and releasing the old frequency codes.  The oceans are being retuned, and salt crystals play a role,  I guess the poles will again freeze up, containing the new frequencies, once they finish rising to the New Earth’s frequency levels and stabilize.

3.  This line of Standing Stones – Wow if these aren’t receivers of frequency and adding to the high vibration here, I’ll be gobsmacked!  I spotted these babies while exploring around the rocks when I first arrived here.  I’m finding them mesmerising!  Esp the pointy one, illuminated with light at this moment.  The one on the far right looks like a tooth!

The other thing I’m really enjoying are clouds!  These beautiful clouds presented themselves and so I’m sharing a few for you to enjoy.

Next visit is to the Valley of the Giants!!  A short drive back up north from Denmark.  I love that Australians are now as a matter of routine, honouring the indigenous Aboriginal tribes and publicly putting up notices to honour the local tribe.  The Noongar Aboriginal people are the local tribe to the area of the Valley of the Giants – a national parkland protecting amazing huge tall Tingle trees.

Here you can walk the skyway walk up 40m sky-high in the Tingle tree canopy.  Truly an eagle’s view of the forest, and the feeling of closeness to nature it gives you is just goosebumpy!

If you get vertigo or have an issue with heights – think carefully before paying up your $25 and taking it on!

A great experience though!

To finish off, here are some pics of some of the gorgeous flowers in this desert state:

‘Til next time – open your Self to receive the feelings and vibrations of the land you are walking on right now, and to really feel them and identify what they feel to you.


Date visited: January 2015

© Copyright 2015 Julia Smith

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