6 steps to create Programmed Water to clear energy blocks and raise your vibration helping your Ascension

August 16, 2017


Programmed water out-trumps plain water and can greatly help raise the vibration of your cells, so you can embody more and more Divine Light.  Radiance comes from within your body, and water is a key element

Without water there would be no life. All life came from water and is sustained by water.

The human body is made up of over 70% water and the brain over 85%. Water is the transporter of all necessary ingredients that keep our body alive, such as nutrients, oxygen, fats and hydration, keeping every cell plump to an operational size. 


Water is a fantastic conductor of vibrational waves. Think of a stone creating a ripple in a pond and the way that it spreads outwards across the water. Water is a medium so perfectly suited to transferring energy from one source – the stone – to another – the pond. This is what happens in our body.

This is why Sound Frequency Healing sessions are so powerful, specific sound frequencies penetrating and rippling throughout the body via its huge pure water content, accessing every cell, soothing every nerve it travels through.

Bone is also a fantastic conduit of vibrational waves, so once the sound waves reach all the bone structure throughout the body and the spine, the body starts resonating from the spine outwards as well as absorbing it in from the skin inwards.


Optimally our body should resonate at a specific musical note or Hertz frequency rate, however, the stresses of everyday life and the sound waves we expose ourselves to every day can throw our optimum energetic vibration rate out of whack. As our body absorbs these other frequency rates regularly it begins to absorb them and to resonate ‘off key’ within the Human Energy Field.

If your body resonates off key regularly, then this rate will be stored in the water content in your body moving it out of its natural healthy harmonic levels, and physical, mental & emotional issues start to present.

Through many years of study it is now scientifically proven that water in the body is a storage bank of information, not just a deliverer of the nutrients that sustain life.

The worldwide practice of Homeopathy is a very good example this. Also, the incredible studies of Dr Emoto Maruso, a water crystals scientist, demonstrate the powerful ability of water to store the information attached to vibrational Hertz frequency sound waves levels.

Dr Emoto took many water samples and exposed them to different objects and environments. He would take a glass of water and direct a thought or blessing onto it or label the container with a word and then froze it.

When the removed it he photographed the water crystals under a microscope as the ice melted. The amazing conclusion from this process was that even if a vial of water had a piece of paper with a word of high frequency such as ‘love’ stuck on it, the water crystals formed a beautiful geometric pattern, perfect in symmetry and clear colour.                                            ImageA perfectly symmetrical blessed water crystal

However, if a vial had a lower frequency word stuck to it, such as ‘anger’ the water crystals formed randomly and the colour was clouder and dull – not a pure clear colour.


Dr Emoto’s findings are a significant confirmation that water plays an important role in our bodies, which effectively are water storage units. Clear, clean, mineralised water in every cell of our bodies means optimal water is in our cells to conduct vibrations.  What we feel emotionally is retained, and affects our whole Being.


As water is such a powerful influence in our lives, and is retained in the body, it makes sense to consider the importance of what we are drinking and the quality of it.

Water in Western society goes through a rigorous process between the dam and the tap. It goes through treatment cleansing facilities, has huge amounts of chemical additives, and is then passed through a long, dirty piping system.

It is important for the optimal health of our bodies to drink filtered water, which removes most of the chemicals, dirt and heavy metals that are in tap water.  And then program or imprint the water molecules with a high vibration, this is similar to making homeopathic water-based therapy.

It is also very beneficial to think when you drink. Your thoughts are absorbed into the water you drink, as demonstrated by Dr. Emoto. Bless your water with thoughts of loving and appreciating that water and thanking it for its life-giving properties.  You can choose to pop a rose quartz crystal into the filtered water introducing the subtle energy of Love from this crystal into your water!

By consciously choosing to drink pure water, you are filling your body’s cells with pure crystalline water infused with positive thoughts

Fill your body’s cells with pure, mineralised, crystalline, sacredly imprinted water to help clear low vibration energy blocks and to raise your vibration.

There is nothing like it.

How to create programmed high vibration water

  1.  use purified water such as double filtered mineralised water from a quality water filter
  2. add to the water crystals: clear quarts, rose quartz, citrine, shungite.  This will create crystalline water.  Shungite raises the vibration of the water to a very high vibrational rate.
  3. The water filter tap has magnets which breaks up the water drops into smaller size for easier absorption and hydration.
  4. Please on the side of the water filter, facing inwards, sacred geometry such as the flower of life, Metatron’s Cube, or the Merkaba.
  5. Charge it further in a scalar frequency water bottle.
  6. Drink a lot of water daily to continually flush toxins and old energy out of your cells and they will re-program over time.  The body completely replaced all it’s cells in a 7 year period – you will create a whole new higher vibration physical body.
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