How Can Transformational Energetic Healing Improve Your Sleep?

August 20, 2017

Transformational Energetic Healing breaks down low vibration emotional trauma and helps to neutralise distressing memories

Transformational Energetic Healing aims to reduce stress through neutralising old or current traumatic feelings.

Life can get really tough when you’re not getting enough quality sleep. Tossing and turning all night; sleeping for 3-4 hours and then, bing, you’re awake for hours; or lying there trying to drift off into a deep sleep hoping you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.

Our lives are so jam-packed not just with work and commitments, but from overstimulation with long hours at a computer and viewing devices. There seems to be no time for down-time – time to process everything that has been happening, for letting go of emotional stress and issues from the past, and just resting to get back in touch with yourself. Our hectic lives can really disrupt a good sleeping pattern and our ability to un-wind properly so we get that quality REM delta level restful sleep.

As we already know including regular exercise, a good diet with a high nutritional quality and putting away our computers and electronic devices well before sleeping are good practices in creating positive routine for our body, and limiting mind stimulation will greatly help the mind to quieten and be ready for rest.

It is also important to have your energy cleared and balanced as part of your monthly routine. By investing your time and resources into regular treatments, it means all that pent up stress, emotional feelings and critical thoughts type of energy has a chance to leave your body.

When dense energy is trapped in your body, and builds up more and more as each day’s stress is added to it. It can cause you to spiral down into feeling low, lower your immune system, and affect the quality level of your interactions and outcomes. When it is not addressed, over time you can become stuck in this mode and it becomes normal. When we have poor quality things happening in our life it affects our sleep – as worry levels, physical tension and an out of control mind compound and make us edgy and even feel hopeless.

It then becomes really important to break that viscous circle – you know things have become out of control and something needs to change. You become clouded in how that actually can happen. Typically, when your need to change your life, you need to change something in you!

Transformational Energetic Healing is a fast way of dissolving low vibration energy that causes pain, stress, feeling like you just can’t get ahead and poor quality sleep. Once that low energy is moved out it creates space in you to let in higher vibration energy; you feel alive, you sleep better, your feel motivated and happier, it’s easier to think and make good decisions.

When the stress goes, and we raise our energy’s vibration, we sleep so much better!

As one client reported after a huge release of energy: “ Well it took a while to calm down and during the evening I improved. Best sleep in ages! Today I feel even better and “lighter” in my mind ” Sue C.

If your interested to improve your sleep and experience Transformational Energetic Healing, click here

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