11:11 How can Transformational Energetic Healing help you create a better life?

October 10, 2017

By raising your vibration with Transformational Energetic Healing!

Transformational Energetic Healing works!  So many people are becoming they need to raise the current level of their energy’s vibration because it has a direct influence on creating what is happening in their lives.  They find that Transformational Energetic Healing is a fast, simple and relaxing way to do this.

They know they need to shift their average emotional status from a low vibration rate of being annoyed, angry, resentful etc, to the high vibration rate of love or above!

The fastest way to raise your vibration is to clear out old low pain creating vibrations from your body, emotions, thoughts and energy field. As the old energy leaves it creates space for new fresh high-speed feel-good bring in the joyful abundance energy to replace it. We all want to bring in the joyful abundance life!

High-speed energy carries the feel good emotions, the higher quality thoughts and allows your body to have that energy easily flow around it once those blocks gone – creating better health too.

Like all things worth doing, this can take a little bit of time and diligence doing. Regular clearings and upgrades in your energy pay big dividends over time.

Take Josie for instance. She saw an ad for Transformational Energetic Healing and felt her heart skip a little beat and decided to give it a go. Josie has worked in a big Government office for 30 years and was feeling totally stuck, sick of office politics and working with people who just don’t care. Her life felt meaningless.

She came into her appointment with no real idea of what happened in energy healing, or how impactful ‘programmed for liberation’ music could be.

Josie came for three appointments and in that time it was revealed 15 years ago she had lost her husband to suicide, her son had died after that and she had so much guilt, and feelings of she should have done more that had piled up within her, she was crushed with hopelessness; which was being reflected in her life setup now.

In the first appointment there was so much ‘black’ energy representing so much low vibration energy leaving, the room was filled with it. The second appointment picked up where we left off and continued emptying her body, chakras, meridian lines and mind of low vibration emotional energy it was phenomenal. After each of these appointments Josie couldn’t believe how different she felt. Her face looked different; so much better, lighter!

The third appointment was quite different again. Her body had been dramatically relieved of low vibration energy that there was some more emptying of low vibrations, but then so much high speed energy came in and just filled her right up – she actually said she saw her husband and son’s faces and they were fine, were happy and wanted her to be happy too. Josie came out of this in so much joy and so liberated.

Josie recently said she is now totally changing her life. She is considering all her options on how to change her job and there was so much choice she felt swamped! Her soul now had a chance to breathe without all that old baggage clouding and distorting everything!

So, once we give ourselves the opportunity to release huge quantities of dense old low vibration energy, and replace it with high vibration joyful abundance energy we are opening ourselves to our Soul’s life journey – we can connect and embody the high vibration necessary to be able to step into our best life path.

So if you are in a place right now wondering:

  • Why do painful events keep happening??
  • Why has another relationship broken up?
  • Why can’t I be in a job that makes me feel happy?
  • How do I stop feeling guilty, angry and hurt about things
    that happened ages ago?
  • Abundance? Where is that in my life?!

and you are serious about taking action, then Transformational Energetic Healing can help you. I am passionate about helping people to be their best self, and connect to their best life path. This happens once we empty out the low vibration energy stuck in our body.

Transformation Energetic Healing is a combination of powerful divine energy healing, liberation sound therapy music and colour therapy. All totally unique to Julia Smith!

If you feel a pull; that is your intuition speaking! I’d love to see you!

Julia x

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