22. Mother Earth and Her Amazing Healing Energy helping you in your Ascension

April 2, 2023

Mother Earth and Her Amazing Healing Energy is helping our Ascension!

Mother Earth is helping us to Ascend! *** Hello !! I’m hot on the trail here in Istanbul, and am so busy I’m finding it hard to squeeze in writing as I go.  But don’t fret – it’s coming soon; I’m loving it, the Turkish are fabulous and friendly and it’s a fascinating place. This week I’m attending a finance conference (!) so am in the practice of just Being, and then add in Being Present in the noticing when out and about town !

I have remembered when the Ascended Masters instructed me to start this blog they asked me to write about why people do pilgrimages to places around the world and talk generally about the Earth’s and our energy.  This is going to cover the realisation I had when I had my epiphany in early 2008, which changed the direction of my life and expanded my conscious awareness to beyond what we only see.  It is that vibrational energy waves-sound waves, colour rays, gamma rays, cosmic waves etc, are shooting through the black space, which to our eye looks empty and lifeless, and connect everything together-unify us all as One unit.

As we learned in high school science (if we were paying attention!) basic science tells us that everything is energy. Everything meaning air space and also everything that is solid.  This energy is dynamic, constantly moving and easily passes through everything at lightning speed; it is the universal all-intelligent life-force energy.

As it passes through things that are solid the energy waves are absorbed into the cells and then the cells start to vibrate.  Different solid items will vibrate at their own vibrational rate depending on their makeup.  So everything is vibrating at their own speed of vibration which we call a hertz frequency.  This means all planets, suns, meteors, mountains, trees, animals etc including human beings (ie. you) are vibrating at their own vibrational hertz frequency, and pour out into the air space and into others around us.  All different frequencies carry their own information and characteristics and this penetrates whatever solid items it meets.  When one understands the significance of the characteristics carried on specific hertz frequency lines of energy sent from planets, one can then understand that properly constructed astrology actually makes sense.  These lines of energy, hertz frequencies, also correspond to sound notes and so planets vibrational output has been known as The Music of the Spheres.

The universe is a symphony of sound and colour lines of energy that speak a language of meaning (sound and colour as energy are actually the same in hertz frequency terms) and our Earth and we all are bombarded by them and walking around day and night absorbing and being influenced by them.

Humans hertz frequency vibration is made up of a combination of our body’s matter makeup and our thoughts and emotions range that we are thinking and feeling.  If we think and feel more negative thoughts and feelings most of the time either about ourselves or others this will result in slowing down our personal vibration hertz frequency energy rate that we are sending out.

We all know about the Law of Attraction, well the speed of the energy rate we send out is our calling card to the type of energy we will attract in, and the lower/slower it is the more negative the experiences we will potentially invite into our lives.  It is in our interest to actively clear out negative emotional triggers and behaviour and think positive thoughts so we set up a forum to create more positive opportunities and interactions in our lives which also raises our self awareness and expands our consciousness of life and our role in it.  It also leads to us being calmer, happier and more deeply connected and loving of our own Self.  Many know this as ‘raising your vibration’.  When we truly understand each of us has a unique vibration energy rate, there is no other like you, and without you the rest of us would not have the opportunity to experience your particular talents and self expression, we can then see our value in the world. We are also inextricably connected to the Earth.

It is hard to imagine the Earth is a living being when we see hard rock, but the Earth is also a living entity as we are.  The Earth absorbs a tremendous amount of energy from our solar system and the Cosmos.  She absorbs it and is vibrating at a hertz frequency unique to her-the Schumann Resonance.  She is our host, our mothership, she gives us life, together with the Sun, and this commands our respect.  The Earth absorbs these lines of energy that is flying around the universe and which binds us all together as One collective, and She particularly absorbs it in large quantities in the power nodes vortex points at many places arounds the world. These powernodes are usually at a point of intersection of Her energy lines, which are like the meridian lines around our human body.

Deep in the Earth is a thick crystalline grid that runs around. The planet in criss-crossing lines, and the intersections create a powercenter and this centre create a spinning vortex which sucks in huge amounts of cosmic energy which is funnelled into the crystalline grid and that energy is distributed around the planet and combines with Her energy and then pours out from her back into the Cosmos for it to travel at lightning speed out to meet other planets and species out there.  Crystals are a very important player and have amazing abilities-they can be programmed with information and instructions, they are a pure conduit of energy, they can magnify and amplify the energy to being more powerful, and they are very aligned to the energy of humans so help us to release negative energy and strength our energy field.

Each individual human’s energy rate is also sent out everywhere and effects everything and everyone, just like the Earth’s does.  That is why it is so important for us all individually to be consciously and actively releasing our negative behaviours and beliefs and accept and love our Self and act in loving kindness to each other.  The more of us doing this means there is more happiness on the planet and we raise the level of collective consciousness on the planet.  Everyone’s consciousness level combines and is averaged out to create our mass human conscious level.

When we visit a powernode, the energy level there is very pure and very strong and at a fast/high level.  It is usual to experience a level of clearing of stored negative energy (in the form of negative beliefs, values, thoughts, habits etc) as the faster energy levels cuts through your slower energy level and for you to then possibly experience feeling fantastic, moments of bliss especially if you meditate there and practice stillness of mind, have major realisations or an epiphany or other unique experiences to you.  It can be a fabulous transformational experience.  This why people decide to do a pilgrimage to these places, or suddenly feel drawn to go there.  Examples of major powernodes are Machu Picchu in Peru, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Sedona in America.

If you decide to visit a powernode, doing some form of preparation and focus can lead to you getting the most from your visit-it is a conscious honouring process of your Self and the Earth.  I have found it best to take offerings to the land and the guardian spirits of the land usually in the form of specifically selected tumble stones and I give thanks to the crystals for the work they have done and return them back to the Earth.  I record a meditation to do there, and take specifically selected pure plant only derived Essential Oils as I find the assist in raising the speed of my energy and open my chakras so increasing the amount of energy of that place Into my body and energy body.

Well, I’ve written quite a bit here, but it is a big subject and I’ve touched on many of the aspects to it.

My next article will be about some happenings here in Istanbul.

Cant wait to share them with you all !

Many blessings


Date:  13 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith

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