22. Earth Crystalline Grid Ley Lines Mission as Keeper of the Keys – Exciting!!

April 7, 2023

Exciting Mission as Keeper of the Keys’ working with Mother Earth’s Grid Ley Lines !

I have arrived in Cappadocia: a time for exploring this new area to me, and the place my mission begins as Keeper of the Keys – given to me by the Ascended Masters.  A time of pilgrimage and transformation.

I haven’t spoken about what they have asked me to do as it contains a real element that could potentially involve negative energies and by speaking about it can only empower them as I am then thinking about them, which can invite them around me. I actually had this happening when I first was told, as a negative one who is present at these sites started turning up around me. It has been best to focus on what the task is and not about them, and on what I need to do to complete it.

This is an unexpected trip to Turkey as my husband won it, and as is usual for me I spent time in contemplation to feel into why I was to go there? why did being in Turkey come into my orbit ? Not only that, we decided to extend our trip to include Greece which I was excited about as I had missed a trip to Greece last year, and now an opportunity had come forward to visit there !

I soon realised that Greece and Turkey are both part of the old Atlantis civilisation, and so the significance deepened. So I decided to consult with my most trusted spiritual adviser who has a clear connection to the Ascended Masters, and it came out of that discussion there was a significant energetic job in Light to do there. Not only that I was told that I had asked for this ! When I thought about it, it was true ! I had been doing a deep gratitude meditation for about two months, where I choose something I want to manifest in my life, and then do a meditation in complete gratitude in a deeply emotionally felt way as if I had it already. I am bringing the future into the Now.

I had a list of 10 things I want to manifest and I will share the top three so you see how it works:

The first and most important is gratitude for my deep connection with my Essence and the I or God within me and I feel a deep love for that that I Am and I ignite my central pillar of energy that runs up my spine and my whole brain seeing a brilliant white light and then I infuse that with pink Love.  Self love is the key to manifesting anything.

The second thing on my list is perfect health in every cell of my body.  I feel deep gratitude for the water in every cell for its life giving properties and it’s imprinting of a very high vibration that influences the quality of my life.  I feel love and gratitude for the water. I also feel gratitude for the happiness in my life.

The third thing I would meditate on is complete gratitude for my chance to walk this Earth as the Spiritual Master and becoming the Ascended Master and for the support I receive in this and the honour I feel in this opportunity. I see Earth as a playground for us evolving dynamic energy beings -having a short time experiencing being a limited human being until we have mastered evolving while limited.  I don’t know if I’m anywhere near these spiritual aspirations, but I’m giving it a shot !

It is this third thing that the Ascended Masters say they have brought forward for me – a task to Be of Service for Light for the highest good of All and for best case scenario outcome for everyone.

Many know the Earth’s vibration is speeding up; She is raising her vibration rate and this has an effect on all of us on this planet – everything. Scientists already know this and know the speed the core of the Earth spins at has become faster. We are being re-tuned by this increasing frequency to operate differently. People are noticing that the days seem to be going faster, and this is one sign of it. To live in an environment of increasing vibration speed of energy means we cannot carry the dense slower vibrations we have been used to. Slower vibration negative emotions we have within us must be resolved and dissolved; so we are seeing more conflict in the world as people’s negativity must rise for them to see what they need to come to terms with within themselves and let it go.

Unfortunately many are still in the mindset of blame of others and so do not see or notice their own negative behaviour to just gently acknowledge, accept, forgive, and let go of. This can also take some time and repeated effort to completely negate. It takes courage and perseverance and the more you practice facing painful memories and negative emotional triggers the more adept you become to releasing it. In addition, in our environment we are being constantly bombarded with negative slower vibration energy through the fear-based news, materialistic greed based marketing and advertising which keeps our thoughts focused and occupied on this rather than directed on positive uplifting creative insightful thoughts. These thoughts are fundamental to what we bring into and create in our lives.

The Earth has seen many civilisations come and go in the 4 billion years She has been spinning in the Heavens. Conflict that has happened becomes energetically imprinted in the Earths energy field. Everything is energy and has the god-force flowing through it. We energetically effect each other. We easily pick up the ‘vibe’ and can effect it of another person through the quality of our interactions, and so does the Earth just as we pick up on Her vibe when visiting different locations.

Many highly evolved past civilisations have occurred and there have been many galactic species that have been here too. Some are in physical form like we are a physical form, others are not incarnated and are energy beings and are able to live within the Earth, that is not possible for human beings to do.

The vortex points around the planet can also operate as an energy portal, as they can spin both clockwise &/or anti-clockwise. This can allow galactic species to enter the Earth and our environment as they use the energy flow to bring them in.

Many live within the crystalline grid that runs around the planet in grid lines. The grid delivers energy around the planet that the Earth generates and also receives from the cosmos’s billion energy line system of gamma rays, colour, sound and other lines of energy, all contributing to the final vibration speed the Earth emits and we all on this planet absorb into our bodies.

The Multidimensional Beings and other Beings that choose to reside on the crystalline grid may or may not be of Light. Some are negative and have negative agendas. Millennia ago many of the multidimensional beings of Light were bound by other powerful beings. Whether through curses or whatever, they were silenced and bound to immobility. So what is a multi-dimensional being ? My understanding is they are species that know how to change the speed of vibration of their energy field and easily move between dimensions-they can slow their vibration to arrive on Earth in the third dimension or raise/speed it up to go to places in the fourth, fifth or other dimensions. It is easy and natural for them.

The Ascended Masters have given me the task to release these very powerful multidimensional Beings of Light if they choose to come forward and then they can assist in the continuing raising of the Earth’s vibration.  I am so happy for this as we will so appreciate their assistance as there are still many negative beings working hard to stop it. Ensuring the raising of the Earth’s vibration will ultimately ensure much greater happiness for us all (once we have finished shedding most of our negative thoughts, feelings and habits!) and we will restore a much stronger energy connection with Divine Spirit which brings us Joy.

Because of the presence of these powerful negative beings the meditation and process I am to do carries an element of risk. They work hard to knock you out of the game if they see you and what you are doing. Safety, protection and invisibility have had to be carefully planned, and acknowledgement of this without emotionally engaging with negative possibilities have been needed.

It has been made very clear to me that this is my task alone, as it also requires a specific attitude which apparently I have these qualities. These are that I am pretty clear of negative emotional reactions (which I’ve worked on releasing relentlessly for years and years, breaking two significant  karmic wheels and have received the Cathar consolumentum) so my energy field is quite clear for a person living on Earth (you can’t live here without some dense negative vibration in your energy field); I am reverent and in a state of innocence, which means I can do this task without ego, without judgement of what it involves which facilitates having a very clear just allowing of divine energy to pass through me so I am an uninterrupted conduit of energy like an acupuncture needle and can ground this energy without interfering controlling negative thoughts. I honour those I can play a part in assisting and I honour that I was chosen for this task.  So this pilgrimage and transforming time now begins !

For some reason the Ascended Masters want me to share this information and journey with you all so I am attempting to convey to you in the easiest way possible this out of the usual way information !  I would love to hear your comments !

And I am so happy to have you all journeying with me, becoming part of this community of support.  My next article will cover the meditations processes I do here in Turkey !

See you then and Much Love !


Date visited: 18-20 April 2014

© Copyright 2014 Julia Smith


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