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Colour Therapy Product Choices

How do you choose what colour you can work with now and in between appointments?

Most of the time if you are attracted to a colour then just follow your intuition and work with that colour.  Sometimes it is not so clear, or you need more than one colour, and it is good to check with me what is the colour for the highest good to be using. Occasionally the colour you hate is just the colour to be using! It will be doing a big clearing job for you.  If you are finding you are extremely repelled then you are very out of balance with the energy on this colour ray. Please feel free to be in touch with me to check what is the most beneficial colour you need to be using.

I stock Soul Colour aura sprays.  They are made in Australia, and the ingredients are 100% organic.

Essential Oils Product Choices

If you love essential oils and would like to choose one to help you keep shifting out old energy and revitalising you in-between appointments ask to smell the testers and your intuition will kick in and you will know which one is best.  You can ask me to double check the choice is the best one for you.

I stock Self Love Alchemical Oils.  They are made in the UK, and the ingredients are 100% therapeutic grade ingredients 100% from plants and are made in a sacred high vibration ceremony.

Bookings Terms and Payment

To avoid any surprises, please read through the booking and payment terms.

Booking Terms & Payment are as follows:

Payment for Aura Photography Events

  • Payment of your invoice secures your booking.
  • Booking terms vary in line with the type of event. Terms are advised at time of booking.
  • Payment via direct deposit as noted on the invoice.
  • Cancellation fees may apply, including a Admin Fee.

Payment for individual appointments

  • Payment is required at the time of booking, and secures your appointment. Payment may be made via Paypal, funds transfer using your phone banking app, direct deposit using the banking details from a Xero invoice that you are emailed, credit card or cash.
  • Products can be purchased at your appointment – payment is by credit card, cash or internet phone banking transfer.
  • Aura eBook “Your Aura” is a digital product. Payment is made via Paypal.  On receipt of payment you will receive the eBook to your email address.

Please contact Julia at if you have further questions.

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